The first and only children’s gym in Azerbaijan

Growing stronger physically, mentally and socially whilst having fun!



Extremely popular around the globe, particularly in the USA, Europe and Russia, the concept of children’s gym has now arrived to Azerbaijan. Gymbala is the very first toddler and children’s gym in Azerbaijan. Designed as an indoor arena, it is fully equipped with child-size gym equipment that ensures safe exercising for toddlers and children of ages 15 months to 7 years under the supervision of professional trainers. The classes are divided into age categories and last for one hour. In that time period, children perform various physical exercises, improve their motor skills, socialize with their peers and have fun.


The fastest physical development happens at the early childhood and directly influences child’s mental development. Classes at Gymbala are aimed at providing early physical development and at enabling children to better acquire motor skills especially the large motor skills such as abilities to run, to throw and catch a ball, to hop, to walk and jump over lines, to balance, to bounce and to kick, amongst others. Our mission is to promote sport as a part of lifestyle and to help grow a mentally and physically strong generation.



  • All-round early physical development
  • Development of motor skills (esp. large motor skills)
  • Strengthening of all muscle groups
  • Boost of immune system
  • Better coordination
  • Better endurance
  • Greater flexibility


  • Building courage
  • Learning teamwork
  • Better discipline
  • Increased concentration
  • Greater motivation
  • More socialization
  • More self-belief



Now that is what I call a proper gym for kiddies-not like some posh fancy one that clearly does nothing to educate them apart from being "seen"!


What should my child wear?

Bring some comfortable sportswear (t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants), socks and non-slip shoes.

Do you have an in-house doctor?

No, we do not but all trainers have successfully completed the “First Aid” training programme and are certified by Azerbaijan Medical Facilities Association to provide an immediate help when necessary. We also have a fully equipped “First Aid” kit at Gymbala.

As a parent can I be in class while my child is training?

Yes, you can especially if it is your first time. We want to ensure your child’s smooth transition to our classes. Once your child feels comfortable with the trainer, we highly urge the parents to leave the class to allow the trainer to take full charge of children.

Where can I wait while my child is training?

We have a cozy waiting hall for parents. You can sit back, relax, read magazines, drink tea/coffee, chat with our administrator and watch a live streaming of your child’s class on a TV screen in the hall.

Is the first lesson for free?

No, we do not offer free classes. If your child stays for less than 15 minutes in the class, then it won’t be counted as a class.

Can I take videos and pictures in class?

If your child attends group classes and there are other children, you will have to ask other parents for permission to film. Otherwise, our administration can take videos/photos of your child and send it to you.







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One-time entrance - 25 AZN

Monthly membership 155 AZN

8 classes in 1 month

3 months membership 300 AZN

24 classes in 3 months

– If there is more than one child from one family then each child will get a 10 AZN discount. 1 child- 100 AZN – ATTENTION: monthly membership is valid one (1) month upon the purchase of the membership! – “Invite your friends to Gymbala” Campaign - refer a friend to Gymbala and both of you will get a 20% discount for a monthly membership.